Genealogy How To Learn Research Vital Criminal Civil Marriage Brick Wall Probate Will Guardianship Photographs Roadshow

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These were great sellers at the filming of Genealogy Roadshow! Come and see my presentations at RootsTech 2016 and National Genealogical Society 2016!

I am an Expert Genealogist providing missing heirs research for Texas courts. I am a member of many professional genealogical organizations and a published expert. Providing professional genealogical services for over 20 years.

I have designed a collection of laminated sheets that assist you with learning how to do genealogy and how to gain access to other records that can help you with your research. Included are tips, websites, description of the records.

This set includes 9 sheets of front and back color that have been laminated and a tip card to carry with you to the library. I am available to give additional ideas to help with teaching you genealogy.

Beginning 3 Steps/pages will take you from the beginning to starting research including census records.

Brick Wall

Vital Records

Criminal Records

Probate & Guardianship

Photographs look into what type of photograph was it and how to look at the details to narrow the date of the picture.

Genealogy How To Learn Research Vital Criminal Civil Marriage Brick Wall Probate


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