Personalized Genealogy Family History Book Up To 150 Pages by a Court Designated Expert Genealogist

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Product Description

Make a beautiful book from your family history or a friend! I include pictures and maps that are located on your family. I love finding family stories and helping you build your family stories to add to your book. You may start your book with your child, yourself or a grandparent. Includes data input and 8 hours of research time for US research (additional research time available $15 an hour). Other countries depending on availability of information and language.

Your book will include:
Clear cover
Title Page
Table of contents
Generational Chart
Photos and maps are color printed (up to 10 pages, additional are 30 cents ea)
Family Story in Genealogy Program Book Format
Appendix (includes copies of census records, land records and other documents found) these are not indexed
Black Cardstock backing or other colors available
Spiral Bound (comb available)

You will also receive a CD including a pdf of the files so you can make reprints, use online and retain for your records. Documents and pictures are usually on Word Documents. You also receive a Gedcom file to share with other family members who have their genealogy programs or load to Ancestry or other locations online. I will also include a generational chart pdf that you can take to have copied onto larger paper to make a wall chart and frame.

Please contact me for details on the information needed. Any additional fees will be agreed upon before work is done on the extras and will be listed in a private listing on Etsy.

Please note it is impossible to predict how much time is needed to gain the information you want to learn or the number of generations are included. But you are guaranteed to receive the same quality of research as provided on my own family.

I also include a summary separate from your book for research notes on your family when you want to continue your search for more information.

It is recommended to know someone born that can be located on the 1940 or earlier census, but I research missing heirs so I can assist with more recent information. Please know adoption records are generally sealed, so please contact me if your research includes an adoption.

Please allow 2-4 weeks.

I am an Expert Genealogist providing missing heirs research for Texas courts. I am a member of many professional genealogical organizations and a published expert. Providing professional genealogical services for over 20 years.

Personalized Genealogy Family History Book Up To 150 Pages by a Court Designated


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